Grand Bazaar | Istanbul, Turkey

Published by Kingsman on 11th July, 2021

The colorful and authentic Grand Bazaar is the center of Istanbul’s old city, as it has been for centuries. Beginning with a small arched bedesten (warehouse) built by the order of Mehmet the Conqueror in 1461, it gradually expanded to a vast area because of the alleys between bedesten, neighboring shops, and hans (caravan) All have roofs, and the market takes on a huge maze-like form, which remains to this day. When you come here, you must peek at the hidden Han people from the door, turn to the narrow alleys, watch the craftsmen at work, and stroll along the main road to distinguish treasures and tourist attractions. It is a must to drink a lot of tea, compare prices one after another, and try the art of bargaining. Allow at least three hours to visit; some travelers took three days!

There are many choices for eating and drinking in the Grand Bazaar. However, before the Ottoman society was westernized, the concept of the restaurant was completely unfamiliar. This is usually attributed to the lack of women in the social environment, work and traditional beliefs in the region. Merchants put lunches and simple traditional Turkish meals in a box similar to a lunch barrel and serve lunch at one of the two stalls in the bazaar, one of which is still standing but no longer serving.

The Grand Bazaar is a very unique building with a long history and connection with Turkish culture. Even if you originally planned to avoid shopping during your trip to Turkey, shopping at the Grand Bazaar is a must-do! Don't miss one of Istanbul's oldest cultural experiences.